Official Testimonials

Email marketing, alongside search marketing, still tops many surveys of the most effective digital channel. Marketers use it with enthusiasm because it’s effective and relatively cheap, quick and easy compared to other channels.

But often, the full potential of email marketing is missed and businesses aren’t tapping into the insights and the automation tools available to deliver more contextual, responsive emails. Perhaps it’s too quick and easy, so it’s not treated as strategically?

In E-telligence Kate Barrett clearly shows how to audit your current approach to develop an email and data strategy to deliver better email marketing results for a business. I love the tables in the book which will help you review your approach plus the prompts of how to take action. I also enjoyed the case studies from different sectors which show how the strategies recommended can be used in practice.
Dr Dave Chaffey – Co-founder and Content Director,


Email marketing might not be rocket science, but if you’re building a team of partners to help you optimise your programme, having the equivalent of a rocket scientist on your side will go a long way – this book gives you the scientist and the fuel!
Bill Kaplan – CEO, FreshAddress & leader of the MIT Blackjack Team


Kate knows a lot about email! In an industry that draws from many skill sets, Kate is that rarest of things – a jack of all trades, and master of all.
Guy Hanson – Vice President of Global Professional Services, Return Path & Chair of the DMA (UK) Email Council